Instant Pot Duo Nova Review: Is the Pot Worth It?

5.0 rating

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is a beginner’s dream when it comes to high-performance Instant Pot multi-cookers. That is because the Duo Nova combines a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, and yogurt maker all in one. 

You can choose from multiple sizes of the Instant Pot Duo Nova: Mini (3 quarts), 6 quarts, 8 quarts, and 10 quarts. I decided to purchase the most popular size, the 6 quart model of the Duo Nova. 

Instant Pot Duo Nova Features

Being that it is the most popular model, the 6-quart model can cook for up to six people at one time. If you live alone and only cook for yourself, you may be better off with the Mini size.

However, if you are on the fence about which model is best for you, I suggest the 6-quart. 

Duo Nova Cooks Healthy and Delicious Meals

Healthy and delicious does not come at a cost. For the Instant Pot Duo Nova, it features a sophisticated multiprocessor. What is multiprocessor? Well, it monitors and adjusts pressure.

It also monitors time and heats up to cook your food 70% faster than comparative models. That means that you will ger consistent yet delicious meals each time you use the Instant Pot Duo Nova. 

Instant Pot Duo Nova Smart Lid

What does a smart lid have to do with delicious food? Well, Duo Nova’s EasySeal lid automatically seals your Instant Pot for you.

The quick-release button is fast and safe as steam release works the way you work. As a bonus, you get an extra sealing ring with your Instant Pot Duo Nova. 

Cook Without a Worry

There is no worry while cooking with the Instant Pot. It has over ten safety features with UL certification. That means that you can “set it and forget it.” Get things done while your dinner cooks appropriately and safely in the comfort of your home. 

Clean up is no problem as the Duo Nova is made of food-grade stainless-steel 304 (18/8). That means there is barely any mess. Also, the Instant Pot cooking pot is safe for your dishwasher, durable, and has no chemical coating. 

 Easy Controls

Find out everything that is happening with the pot. That is because it’s progress indicator will show you what is going on inside the Duo Nova.

The Duo Nova has a one-touch control with 13 programs, customizable with memory to match the way you cook. 

Recipes At Your Fingertips

Instant Pot has a free recipe app with a thousand plus recipes to explore as you learn your new Instant Pot. Instant Pot’s app is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. There is even an Instant Pot Support forum for those looking to keep in touch with the Instant Pot community. 

What Customers Are Saying About the Instant Pot Duo Nova

Customers agree that this device is the easiest to work. Customers also agree that good food is made faster and better than in conventional multi-cookers.

Get a thrill out of cooking food from frozen to done in mere minutes. Sautee meat and have your meal on pressure cook, and you have dinner in minutes. Tell me if you decided to get this model and what you think of it below.

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