Zavor Lux LCD Pressure Cooker Review

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Zavor Lux LCD Pressure Cooker Review

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Savor Zavor! Known as the best multi-cooker on the market by America’s Test Kitchen, the Zavor Lux LCD pressure cooker is the next up-and-coming multi-cooker

This nifty multi-cooker functions as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, sous vide, yogurt maker, and more. 

Designed with an interactive and easy LCD digital screen, this multi-cooker features 10 cooking functions and more than 30 programmable settings for one-pot cooking. 

Today, let’s learn whether the Zavor Lux LCD pressure cooker is right for you in the Zavor Lux LCD pressure cooker review. 

Features & Specifications

  • Features functions such as pressure cook, slow cook, brown, steam, flex aka sous vide, simmer, grains, eggs, yogurt, dessert, keep warm, and time delay. 
  • Over 33 programmable settings including beans, meat, soup, risotto, vegetable, omelet, cheesecake, and much more. 
  • Cooks rice just like a rice cooker, using steam. 
  • Use as a pressure cooker or even a stockpot. 
  • Make yogurt in two steps. 
  • Brown foods before cooking using the brown function. 
  • Steam function steams veggies to make them taste their best. 
  • Assisting icons such as preheating, cooking, opening, and closing the lid. 
  • ETL approved for safety. 
  • Comes with stainless steel inner pot and steamer unit. 

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love the Zavor Lux LCD pressure cooker because it’s priced like non-LCD pressure cookers but is simply amazing in quality. 

You’ll love how the pressure cooker reaches the right temperature faster than competitors. You’ll also love how secure the lid seal is due to its enhanced design. 

Above all else, this pressure cooker and multi-cooker does work wonderfully, especially if you are a fan of one-pot meals.

The ability to cook all these amazing meals with a touch of a button, plus the wonderful power of the multi-cooker itself makes this a value pressure cooker to have.

Final Verdict – Zavor Lux LCD Pressure Cooker Review

The Zavor Lux LCD pressure cooker has proved on its own that it’s advanced, especially at its price point. If you want an affordable multi-cooker that does much more than pressure cook, then go out and get yourself this pressure cooker. 

One final thought on the Zavor Lux LCD pressure cooker review is the advanced safety features, ensuring that you are cooking the safest. Also, the seal of approval by America’s Test Kitchen gives us the confidence to tell you that this pressure cooker is worth every penny. 

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