Ninja Foodi Review: Can it Handle the Pressure?

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Ninja Foodi Review: Does it Make the Cut for Pressure Cookers?

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What is the Ninja Foodi?

This appliance is a multi-cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, dehydrator, roaster, baker, air fryer, and more. The Ninja Foodi multi-cooker burst onto the scene recently and is a popular choice amongst cooks of all ranges. 

Let’s go over the ins and outs of the Ninja Foodi in our review to see if this multi-cooker is right for you. We’ll also way in on performance and see what customers are saying. Let’s dive in:

Ninja Foodi Review: Affordability

  • The Ninja Foodi multi-cooker and pressure cooker in its own class. That’s what makes this multicooker a little more pricey at around $250.
  • Though, you may be able to get this multi-cooker on sale through Amazon and other retailers online throughout the year. 
  • Though it has a heftier price tag than its competitor pressure cooker and multi-cookers, the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker is extremely expansive in function, which makes its price tag seem reasonable.
  • Though, you can get the similar Instant Pot Duo Crisp, which offers a range of cooking functions at a more affordable price. 

Ninja Foodi Review: Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker Design

  • Being a multi-cooker, you pretty much expect this Ninja Foodi multi-cooker to be an end-all-be-all to the everyday appliances like your oven and stovetop.
  • The design is no exception. This is a pretty hefty looking multi-cooker and for good reason. 
  • Many even describe the pressure cooker as a ‘monster’ as it is pretty bulky looking and industrial in design with its grey and black look. The bulky lid opens up on the side with a hinge.
  • This means that unlike the Instant Pot, you can’t fully tuck it away to make space or take off the lid to be cleaned.
  • You’ll want to fit this multi-cooker on a counter with tons of space as you won’t want to move it often (it’s pretty heavy as well).
  • There’s a digital display where control settings are located in the front below the display.
  • Time and temperature controls are on each side of the display and you’ll see the time ticking down as you keep track every now and then while cooking. 
  • You get an array of choices when it comes to cooking options, which are underneath the display.
  • You can choose pressure cook, steam, sear/sauté, slow cook, air fry, bake/roast, and even grill. There’s an on and start/stop button to control each of these settings. 
  • Though, it would be nice if there were pre-programmed settings like for air frying different types of foods like you would see on an air fryer.
  • You’ll have to consult with your recipe to figure out the perfect time and temperature for those. 
  • On the plus side, there are so many settings and the Ninja Foodi multi-cooker is so large in capacity that it is perfect for meal prepping and feeding large families.
  • Though it is large in design, it’s actually quiet, so it won’t disturb you while it’s cooking. 

 Multi-Cooker Performance

Trying out the Ninja Foodi was no easy task after being used to the Instant Pot series of pressure cookers and multi-cookers. Here’s what I found:

Air Fryer

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of air frying it did. Cooking fried chicken was a simple task. And the skin turned out crisp while the meat turned out tender and juicy and well-cooked. 

I was a little disappointed when I tested some pizza rolls, though, and they came out burnt. Perhaps it will take some time to figure out settings with different food types. 

 Baker/Roaster Oven

I made baked potatoes with ease using the multi-cooker. The skin turned out, perhaps, a little over crispy, but the inside of the potato was fluffy and steaming hot. Probably the best roasted potatoes I’ve ever made came out of the Ninja Foodi. 

Sauté and Slow Cooker

I made a normal meal I would normally make in my Instant Pot, but in the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker. I made an easy chili which requires me to sauté and then slow cook.

I found the ease of switching from sauté to slow cook quite functional and it worked very good and similar to my Instant Pot Duo. 

On the other hand, the Instant Pot keeps warm for a while, pretty much a couple of hours. The slow cooker only keeps warm for 30-minute intervals, which I wasn’t too thrilled about. My chili turned out great – like it had been simmering all day. 

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

I found cooking chicken in the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker to be about the same as the Instant Pot pressure cooker. It took about the same amount of time and the chicken turned out tender and juicy. 

Same with pasta dishes and rice. I followed the same timing advice from my cheat sheets that I normally would with the Instant Pot, and they all turned out about the same great quality I would get from my Instant Pot Duo or Instant Pot Ultra.

Ninja Foodi Review: Tendercrisp Lid

One thing I did notice differently from the Instant Pot Duo Crisp was the Tendercrisp lid is permanently attached to the body of the multi-cooker. The Instant Pot Duo Crisp lid can come off and be switched out. That is something that definitely takes some getting used to. 

Though the pressure cooking lid on the appliance can be taken off and has easy arrows to re-attach. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have done the same with the Tendercrisp lid. I was annoyed when I got to this point. I’m not exactly sure how to store it either.

However, if you have enough space or a tall pantry, you won’t have a problem. My kitchen is just relatively small. 

Ninja Foodi Grill

One feature I did not expect from my multi-cooker is the Ninja Foodi grill. This is something that the Instant Pot doesn’t actually have available with the Instant Pot multi-cookers. Though, once I tried it out, I noticed that the grill is less effective than your standard grill, so I’m not sure how much use I will actually get out of it. 

I struggled to put three medium-size steaks on the grill, which makes it difficult to batch cook. The rack height isn’t able to go closer or further away from the heating element, either, which makes the experience a little limiting. 

I suppose if you’re only cooking for one or two, though, it’s an efficient way to grill food using the Ninja Foodi grill, rather than having to heat up or go outside for your traditional grill. 


To steam, you need to use the grilling rack or a similar accessory and have water beneath it. I found it steam pretty well, and about the same as my Instant Pot. There’s nothing quite special about the steamer, but it was worth mentioning how comparable it is to its competition. 


Is the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker Worth it?

If you have the money, you cook all the time, and you have space, go out and get it. It’s worth it if your budget allows it and you want an appliance to replace your air fryer, pressure cooker, oven, grill, rice cooker, and steamer.

Sure, why not? You’ll find yourself using the Ninja Foodi a lot. Perhaps even more than your other kitchen appliances.

However, if you need something more budget-friendly and don’t plan on using all of the features, I advise you to take a look at my other reviews so you can compare and contrast to see which multi-cooker and pressure cooker is right for you. 

Ninja Foodi Review: What Customers Say

Customers who’ve bought the Ninja Foodi multi-cooker love that the pressure cooker reduces time cooking makes the best crispy air fried wings and other fried foods.

It can dehydrate food, fits in the dishwasher and hand cleans easily, and is quiet when in use. 

Plus the trays and multi-pot is great for making a number of meals. Though, most customers have an issue with the appliance being bulky, they say the it is a great buy and worth its value. 

Still Comparing Multi-Cookers and Pressure Cookers?

Take a look at my other reviews on Instant Pots, pressure cookers, and multi-cookers. Looking for some yummy meals to make? Check out my pressure cooker/multi-cooker recipes as well. Happy cooking!

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