Instant Pot Lux Mini Review: Best 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

5.0 rating

For those who live alone or want to grow their Instant Pot collection, the Instant Pot Lux Mini is a welcome addition. Read this Instant Pot Lux Mini review of facts and specifications and figure out what makes this electric six-in-one pressure cooker small but mighty.  

Instant Pot Lux Mini Review

We love this Instant Pot Lux three-quart for its versatility. Cook up to six cups of uncooked rice (twelve cups cooked) in your mini.

  • Need to make a side to your main? This mini is fit for the occasion. Need just a small dish? The mini is perfect. Take the mini with you if you’re traveling; whether by RV, boat, or a hotel, your Instant Pot can go anywhere. 
  • The Instant Pot Lux is in a league of its own with a third-generation microprocessor technology, which allows for up to 240 minutes of pressure cooking and up to 24 hours to delay to start if you need to wait.
  • There is an automatic warmer, and three separate temperatures included in sautéing and slow cook. 

What is the Instant Pot Lux Mini 3 qt 6-in-1?

  • The Instant Pot Lux three-quart combines six appliances in one: a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, sauté, steamer, and warmer.
  • Although it is a small Instant Pot pressure cooker, it is mighty with ten smart built-in programs: soup/broth, steam, meat/stew, egg, saute, rice, porridge, warmer, pressure cooker, and slow cooker. Your favorite meal is one button away.
  • The three-quart six in one mini cooker functions like its Lux companions – the six-quart and the eight-quart.
  • This Instant Pot model is ideal for small families or as an addition to your Instant Pot collection. The reason I say this is because it is the “mini” version, which means it will still cook small meals, will not exclusively feed a family of five. If you have somewhere to go, this is your best bet for travel. 
  • Accessories include a stainless steel steam rack without handles,  soup spoon, rice paddle, recipe booklet (English) manual, measuring cup, and time table.

Instant Pot Lux Mini Review: Pros

If you’re cooking for a large gathering, the mini will do right for sides and appetizers alongside your larger Instant Pot pressure cookers.

If you live alone or you and a partner, the mini will work out great. That being said, if you plan on using the Instant Pot Lux and you are using just one appliance for cooking for a big family or group, it would be a safer bet that you pick up either the six or the eight quarts as they will feed plenty. 

This Instant Pot model may be best suited for small meals that do not require many ingredients. It may be best to shorten down your recipes into half so you can fit all that you can in this mini Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Lux Mini Review from Customers

Customers love their Instant Pot Lux Mini 3 qt 6-in-1 for the ease of travel and how it cooks as the perfect addition to their collection.

Those customers who are warming up to the Instant Pot line use the mini as a starter, too. Every customer enjoys the fantastic quality of food that comes from cooking in their Instant Pot, no matter what the size may be. 

Instant Lux Mini How to Use

The Instant Pot is easy to use, clean, and store. Be sure to check out our other resources on all Instant Pot products and tell us which Instant Pot you got below.

Learn how to use your Instant Pot, check out our Instant Pot reviews and other reviews, as well as Instant Pot recipes. Happy cooking!

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