Instant Omni Plus Review – Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

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Instant Omni Plus Review

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With so many air fryers on the market, why not combine one with a toaster oven?

That’s what you get with the Instant Omni Plus air fryer and toaster oven by Instant Pot. You get everything nutritious, cooked fast and easy with the Instant Omni plus. 

You can do everything with the Instant Omni Plus that you can do with an air fryer plus more.

Dehydrate, roast, toast, bake, broil, air fry, and cook all the delicious meals you’ve been waiting for. It’s all up to you!

Let’s go over the facts, features, and specifications of this air fryer and toaster oven combo in the Instant Omni Plus review:

Instant Omni Plus Review – Features and Specifications

  • This air fryer and toaster oven combo are large enough to cook family-friendly meals. 
  • The Instant Omni Plus uses quick and even heat technology for crispy and golden food. 
  • You get 11 smart programs and go without figuring out time and temperature. One-touch cooking options have your food done right. 
  • Make food the way you like it with dials that let you adjust the time and temperature based on your preferences. 
  • You can even make rotisserie foods with the rotisserie function along with the accessories that make it possible.
  • The oven is large enough to toast 6 pieces of bread at once, make a 12” pizza, bake a cake, or roast a whole kitchen. 
  • The 11 smart programs allow you to air fry, dehydrate, roast, toast, broil, slow cook, proof, reheat, and bake with the touch of a button.
  • Includes oven rack, air fryer basket, cooking pan, forks and rotisserie spot, and rotisserie lift. 

Instant Omni Plus Review – What Customers Say

Instant Pot is a well-loved brand, due in large part to their line of pressure cookers. A hidden secret about their brand is their line of other appliances like their air fryers. 

You can do everything with this Instant Omni Plus toaster oven and air fryer along with a pressure cooker. Make many meals at once using the appliance and don’t worry about touching your oven at all. 

Make ordinary foods healthier because you won’t be using all the grease involved with conventional cooking methods. 

Customers like you love the reputation of Instant Pot, especially this toaster oven and air fryer. You will love the crispy, flavorful, yet moist foods that come from this one appliance.

In just 20 minutes you can roast meats, saving you time and energy. 

Instant Omni Plus Comparison

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