CHEF iQ Smart Cooker Review – The World’s Smartest Pressure Cooker

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CHEF iQ Smart Cooker Review

The CHEF iQ smart cooker is the world’s smartest pressure cooker. However, does it stand up to the test?

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This new electric pressure cooker has broken onto the kitchen appliance scene and is shining. It’s full of state-of-the-art technology and features that are out of this world. 

Let’s go over some of the features and specifications of the CHEF iQ smart cooker to just see how smart this pressure cooker really is. 

Then, we’ll cover what real customers are saying and if you should buy this appliance. Let’s get cooking!

CHEF iQ Smart Cooker Features & Specifications


  • The CHEF iQ smart cooker pressure cooker comes with a Bluetooth and WiFi connection. All you have to do is connect it to the CHEF iQ app
  • The CHEF iQ app helps you control and monitor your smart cooker from anywhere in the house. And you can access the cooking calculator that figures out the best cooking parameters for your meals. 
  • Plus, the app has over 100 guided recipes and how-to’s to help you make delicious meals. 
  • The smart cooker comes with a built-in scale that measures ingredients to cook by weight, so you can ditch those annoying measuring cups. 
  • There’s even a smart sensor to tell you how much liquid you need to cook perfect meals.
  • Auto pressure release releases pressure automatically, something you normally have to do manually. This makes the pressure cooker safer and easier to use than conventional electric pressure cookers. 
  • The pressure cooker auto-release has 3 programmed pressure release methods: natural release, quick, and pulse.
  • With guided cooking recipes available on the app, the days of entering time and temperature manually are gone. The CHEF iQ smart cooker does it all for you.
  • Includes over 300 cooking presets stored in the smart cooker. On the CHEF iQ app, you get over 1,000 cooking calculator built-ins.
  • The CHEF iQ app updates the firmware on your smart cooker via the app for additional smart features that are continuously updated and added. 

What Customers Say – CHEF iQ Smart Cooker Reviews

Customers like you have amazing things to say about the CHEF iQ smart cooker.

Not only do you get a well-built smart cooker/pressure cooker, but with settings for any and every meal you can think of, this smart cooker holds up to its name. 

They don’t call the CHEF iQ smart cooker the “world’s smartest pressure cooker” for nothing. 

You’ll love that the CHEF iQ takes all the guesswork out of measuring and releasing pressure from the pot. That way, you can actually have fun cooking with this smart appliance. 

For instance, let’s say you’re cooking rice. The CHEF iQ smart cooker scale will tell you when to start pouring water into the pot and when you reached the correct amount of water. No measuring ingredients involved!

Should You Get the CHEF iQ Smart Cooker?

We have not seen any real objections when looking at the CHEF iQ smart cooker reviews, so the answer is yes. Go and get yourself the CHEF iQ now. 

Do keep in mind that you should be a little tech-savvy or at least have a smart device to operate the CHEF iQ smart cooker. And it comes with a non-stick inner pot and not a stainless steel inner pot if that matters to you. 

You 100% will not regret buying this appliance. 

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