Instant Pot Quick 3 Cheese Mac N Cheese

Preparation Time: 5 minutesCooking Time: 4 minutes

Simply add the noodles, set your pressure cooker, then add the cheese - it's that simple.

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Instant Pot Quick 3 Cheese Mac N Cheese

Instant Pot Quick 3 Cheese Mac N Cheese

I always have a tough time finding a mac n cheese that I love because nothing beats this Instant Pot quick 3 cheese mac n cheese. I mean, seriously, though, the closest I’ve found has been the Chick Fil A mac n cheese, which I am currently working on a copycat recipe for. 

This mac n cheese is so rich and creamy. It’s the perfect mac n cheese for a large gathering like a holiday meal or when you need to whip something up for a potluck. To top things off, you can run your mac n cheese under the broiler or the Instant Pot Duo Crisp lid with breadcrumbs, bacon, or both!

You can make this mac n cheese a number of ways: without breadcrumbs, with breadcrumbs, with bacon on top, or with bacon mixed in. Either way, you will find this mac n cheese to be prize-winning in the easiest recipes category. It’s definitely an easy favorite of mine. 

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese with Bacon

You can kick this Instant Pot quick 3 cheese mac n cheese up with some bacon! Before throwing all your ingredients together, chop up the desired amount of bacon you want and hit the sauté button on your Instant Pot to crisp up some bacon… 

OR throw it under the Duo Crisp lid to crisp up your bacon. Separate and then throw it on top of your mac n cheese. 

Instant Pot Mini Mac and Cheese

To make Instant Pot mini mac and cheese, you will need the Instant Pot silicone egg bites pan. Combine ingredients in a separate bowl then fill up each mold with the ingredients. 

Place on top of the wire trivet/steam rack included with your Instant Pot and fill the bottom of your inner pot with a cup of water.  

Instant Pot 3 Cheese Mac N Cheese Recipe

Add water to the inner pot of your Instant Pot. Begin adding the macaroni, butter, salt, ground black pepper, and ground mustard. 

Secure your lid and have the valve set at sealing. Set pressure cook to 4 minutes on high pressure. Once finished, do a natural release for 5 minutes. Turn the valve to venting, then open the Instant Pot lid. 

Add in the milk and stir. Stirring, add cheeses until creamy smooth. 

Optional: add in bacon either to on top or stir in. 

Add breadcrumbs, secure your Duo Crisp lid and set to 400 degrees to 5 minutes. Remove the lid and serve. If not using the lid, add in the mac n cheese mixture to a deep enough pan (9×13 suggested) with breadcrumbs sprinkled on top and broil in the oven for a few minutes. Enjoy your rich and creamy Instant Pot mac and cheese! 

Enjoy your Instant Pot quick 3 cheese mac n cheese alone or with easy weeknight brisket! Enjoy your mac n cheese at a party, a potluck, or even for yourself in your own home. For more recipes, check out my growing list of recipes. 

Which Instant Pot Model Should I Use?

I personally use my Instant Pot duo 7-in-1 pressure cooker, but any up-to-date Instant Pot works great. There are Instant Pots for everyone including other appliances that will help you enhance your cooking. Not only that, but Instant Pot products come in a number of price points to fit your budget. 

If you’d like to shop around for Instant Pots, check out my reviews on various Instant Pot products. Stay tuned as I review the Instant Pot air fryer, blender, sous vide, and more. Ready to get cooking? Don’t forget to check out more recipes and how-tos. 

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