Air Fryer Burgers: The Best

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Air Fryer Burgers

Air Fryer Burgers

No grill? No problem. Did you know that you can make burgers in your air fryer? Air fryer burgers take just a few minutes and come out so juicy and delicious. Plus, there’s little mess involved with making these burgers. 

Let’s go over how to make air fryer burgers, including the ingredients that make these burgers taste the best. 

How to Season Burgers Right

The best advice I’ve ever gotten on making red meat and burgers, in general, is to keep the seasoning simple. Air fryer cheeseburgers don’t take much to make them taste amazing. Whether you decide to make these burgers on the grill, on the stove, or in the air fryer, you’ll never go back. 

To season, simply have your hamburger meat (I like a good 80/20 meat to fat ratio) at room temperature. Room temperature will make your meat cook evenly. What you are going to do is take your hamburger meat out and safely put on the counter about 20-30 minutes before cooking. 

Give a good few drops of Worcestershire sauce, some salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and mix loosely. Then, form your burgers into patties and BOOM! Your burgers are ready to cook. 

How to Cook Air Fryer Burgers

To make air fryer burgers, first, you need to have your patties seasoned and ready to go. Then, put 1-3 normal sized burgers patties on the bottom of your basket or pan. Depending on how much room you have, you may want to cook in batches of about two, to avoid clumping together or cooking unevenly. 

Set your air fryer to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. The time depends on the thickness of the burgers. If you do quarter-pound burgers, you should put them in for 16 minutes, flipping halfway. This will give you well-done burgers. If you like them a little pink, then you can cut down on time. 

Once done cooking, take your burgers out of the air fryer. and top with cheese. 

Note: Remember not to put your cheese on until you take the burgers out, if you’re making air fryer cheeseburgers. Putting cheese on while the burgers are still in the air fryer will result in a goopy, gluey, mess. 

Whether you’re putting cheese on them or not, take your burgers and let them rest on a plate with foil covering them so heat does not escape. After about 5 minutes, you can start building your air fryer burgers with all your favorite toppings! 

Serve with air fryer french fries!

What is the Best Air Fryer?

With so many good air fryers on the market, it can be overwhelming finding the best air fryer. Check out our best air fryer guides and air fryer product reviews. Don’t forget to check out our other delicious recipes, too!



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